76ers To Retire AI3

After Allen Iverson announced his retirement at the start of the season, the Philadelphia 76ers will raise the number 3 jersey to the rafters of the Wells Fargo Center on March 1, 2014.


76ersAllen Iverson was a household name as soon as he was drafted the number one overall pick in 1996. He eventually played for the team for ten and a half years. Known for his flashy and aggressive scoring style, Iverson inspired a whole generation of players at the start of the new millennium.

The Answer played at what some analysts would call a disadvantage of sometimes being the smallest guy on the court at an undersized 6’0” 165 pounds. But, his speed and work ethic inspired many current stars like Chris Paul and John Wall to turn the NBA into a league for guards.

Best performance

Iverson’s best performance came in 2000-01 when he won the MVP trophy for leading the franchise to its first Finals appearance since 1983. They fell however, to the Los Angeles Lakers, 4 games to 1.

The four-time scoring champion was traded in 2007. He then jumped from Denver, Memphis, and Detroit before coming back to Philadelphia in his closing years.