The Big Issue: Police Brutality

police brutalityIn the early 1900s, the reputation of police officers was marred with their alleged connection to mobs. From the Prohibition era up to the post-World War II years, there were historical records that showed the police worked with city gangs.

Since then, they have rebuilt their standing in society as its protectors. The police-themed television shows in the 80s were proof of the newly minted role of police officers: a pillar of virtue and values for everyone to follow.

Today, in light of the recent cases concerning police officers using excessive force, questions surround them once more. They seem to be clueless on how to handle rallies, especially those that get out of hand at times. This resulted in an influx of cases where citizens have reported their use of an unjustifiable amount of violence that ended up injuring them.

Fighting Against Police Brutality

New York’s recent brush with retaliation against police is not a good example of how to fight back against police brutality. Noll Law Office LLC explained that any person who experienced police brutality, no matter how severe they are, should take the matter to court.

Most lawyers noted that the people who inflict harm on rallying citizens should answer for their actions. Law enforcement’s somewhat universal motto is “to protect and serve”, and it should be that way, no matter how severe the situation becomes.

Making a Change in the System

“When there’s this many bad apples, there’s something wrong with the orchard.” This was Bill Maher’s take on the Paris terror attacks. Granted, the recent cases regarding police brutality have not crossed any count threshold yet, but it is imperative to make changes to the system. Nobody wants these incidents to be commonplace, which is why the people who have been physically victimized or assaulted by police officers should speak up. After all, they are the only ones who can give a first-hand account of what actually happened.

They can receive adequate compensation for the injuries. Only the victims, along with their lawyers, can make the incident an example of how unnecessary use of force can lead to unrest and distrust of society to police officers.