Busting Short Term Health Care Myths

Health care insuranceAre you having doubts about getting short term health care? There are many myths surrounding it, but some of these myths are hearsay. Get your facts straight before deciding to forego short term insurance because you might regret it later.

A Few Number of Doctors Accept Short Term Health Insurance

There is a general fear that short term insurance has a limited network of doctors, meaning that you will not get the treatment you need when an accident occurs. Most short term health coverage lets you choose a doctor or health care provider, and most accept short term insurance.

Before making a claim, ensure that your coverage plan is accepted in the hospital or clinic you will get treatment from or if any restrictions apply. Expats are at risk, if they forego getting any kind of insurance. Expat medical insurance is a must to avoid paying for treatments for injuries or long-term ailments while working abroad.

The Expenses are Similar to Permanent Insurance

This is a myth that most people believe in, but it is not true. Short term insurance costs less compared to long term insurance. The premiums you have to pay for monthly are mostly half of what you pay for long term coverage. Short term insurance has several benefits that will keep you worry-free throughout your stay abroad.

You Wait 15 Days Before Coverage Starts

There is no waiting period for clients who get short term insurance. Immediacy is one of the advantages of getting short term coverage. The policy you get may start the next day or at a later date, after you have paid the premium.

Short Term Health Insurance Offers Limited Coverage

Short term insurance can be as extensive as you want it to be, as long as you are willing to pay extra. Customize your policy by adding or removing certain benefits and adjust the length to your liking. Discuss your needs with the insurance company to determine the premium and restrictions of the policy you plan on getting.

These are some of the myths surrounding short term health insurance. Get the information about the coverage of the plan you want to take before deciding, or get short term insurance during your stay abroad.