Your Car Tint is Too Dark, Mate!

car tintingYou are thinking about getting a tint car job done in Perth. It literally does cool your car, and it gives you a certain degree of privacy. Before you do that, you should know certain laws regulate the darkness of your car tint anywhere in Australia.

How dark can it be?

The colour of the tint is not the measure actually regulated. Rather, the laws address the visible light transmission (VLT) or the amount of visible light that passes through both the tint membrane and window. The minimum is 35% VLT, which means that 35% of the light passes through while blocking the remaining 65%. A 30% VLT lets in less light, while 40% will let in more.

A tint with a rating of 30% is not legal. In addition, tinted films cannot have more than 10% reflectance as it can dazzle other drivers.

Are the rules the same for all states?

The rules are different for each state and territory in Australia, and the rules are different for various types of cars.

For example, in Western Australia and Perth, a passenger car can have a tint with a minimum of 35% VLT. This is a requirement for all windows except the front windshield. Perth laws allow a car to have a visor strip on the windshield if it is not more than 10% of the total area.

Are there exceptions?

Certain vehicle types can have as little as 20% VLT in the windows behind the driver. These include trucks, cans, limos, and buses. The reason behind this concession is that in these types of vehicles, the driver does not have to see through the rear windows because they have rear vision mirrors anyway. The driver side windows must still have a minimum of 35% VLT.

You do not want to make a mistake and get into trouble for having the wrong kind of tint. Have your tint car job done by professionals that know the law.