Choosing the Right Snowboarding Gear

snowboardsSo on your next winter adventure, you’ve decided to head off to the snow. All is perfectly set except for one thing: you need to go pick up some snow gear for your winter escapade. Question is, what’s the equipment you’ll need to keep you warm and protected from the extreme coldness of the winter season?

To guide you on that, below are some tips you can use to shop for the right snowboarding gear.


In choosing your snowboard, it is important to find out the type and size suitable to your overall physique and style. Choosing the right snowboard allows you to fully control the movement and direction of your board.


Gloves and mittens are designed to give your hands the warmth, dryness, and protection they need during cold weather. This is also the main reason a pair of gloves is considered to be the most essential accessory for skiing, snowboarding, and other snow sports.

Get a pair of high-quality Burton gloves that can withstand several seasons and the intense activity brought by the sport.


Finding a durable snowboard binding is important so you can easily manipulate and control the degree of responsiveness of your board. Along with that, having a perfectly fit bindings help you maintain a good posture during your ride.


Wearing a good pair of goggles is a must when doing the sports because it protects your eyes from wind, snow, and other foreign elements in the surroundings. Along with that, it also serves as protection to the bright sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Stomp Pad & Leash

A snowboard stomp pad and leash can help you gracefully get off to those chairlifts and prevents your board from jetting off without you. Thus, these accessories will allow you to round out your gear before hitting the powder.
Learning the some of the most basic gear you need for your snowboarding adventure is important to ensure your safety. So for your next trip, make sure you pay close attention to every small detail of your equipment to enjoy a one-of-a-kind winter vacation.