Debunking Famous Water Myths

waterPeople like making stories to explain things they don’t understand. These stories are myths, and people drop most of them once a better explanation is available. Sometimes, though, myths persist even when the facts prove them wrong. In fact, there are myths about even the most ordinary and mundane things.

The world is mostly water, and it’s the source of all life on the planet. With humanity’s unlimited exposure with water, anyone would think that people already know everything there is to know about it. They’re wrong, of course, water myths persist and it’s time people learned about them.

Times Are Changing and Boiling

Boiling water is one of the first techniques people learn to purify tap water, and most assume that it automatically makes water safe to drink. Unfortunately, this isn’t completely true. Boiling water kills microorganisms living in tap water, and is more than enough to ensure its safety back in the day.

These days, however, microorganisms are the last thing people should worry about. Those who drink tap water regularly are more vulnerable to carcinogenic chemicals and heavy metals from corroded water pipes. Boiling water causes some of it to evaporate, concentrating the contaminants, and raising risks for the drinker.

No Minerals, No Problems

A myth that never seems to know it’s supposed to die is one that states people who drink purified water aren’t getting the minerals they need. If this were true, then neither are tap drinkers. says the gap between purified water and the tap is negligible. Whatever minerals people think they get from tap water has no nutritional value at all.

Ninety-nine percent of the body’s mineral needs come from food, and water contributes less than one percent. Pure water keeps the body healthy, and doesn’t “flush” vitamins and minerals from the body. The kidneys and liver are there for a reason.

Melbourne’s the Best

There’s a myth unique to Victoria that says there’s no need to filter Melbourne’s waters because it’s the best in the world. While anybody will readily admit that Melbourne’s catchment system is at the top of world standards, it’s still exposed to many contaminants. People need to remember that water still needs to travel from the catchment area to get to their taps, and many nasty things can get in during that journey.

There are many things people still don’t know, or think they know about water. A good rule of thumb is talking to an expert before doing anything. Don’t believe everything that’s repeated around the water cooler.