Demand for Build-to-Rent Housing Stokes Need for Better Plumbing

a plumber workingPlumbing systems with electrofusion fittings and other modern piping tools will be more necessary for Australian developers who want to work on build-to-rent apartments.

The new type of rentals could serve as the solution for an affordable housing crisis in the country. At the same time, apartments with better plumbing could meet growing demand for energy-efficient units.

Multifamily Rentals

Multifamily properties are a relatively new concept in Australia. This housing model allows builders to retain ownership of the projects instead of selling them outright to investors and owner-occupiers. Despite being a new concept, it will still be subject to strict building codes.

Recent issues on defective units have hounded property developers, water damage from leaky plumbing in particular. Hence, building designs for multifamily properties will have to include fully sealed pipes. Investments in modern plumbing will pay off as a third of Australia’s population rent houses.

The percentage is even higher in capital cities where home prices are more expensive. For instance, 70 per cent of people between 25 and 34 years old who live in Sydney are tenants.

High Demand

The context of demand for energy-efficient housing can be pictured on a long waiting list. In Melbourne, some developers had up to 3,700 people waiting to buy a new line of energy-efficient housing after launching the project last December.

People aren’t just demanding homes because of environmental awareness, but also due to the rising cost of electric bills. A report showed that new buildings with better energy-efficiency features could provide households with up to $150 of savings every year. Developers of build-to-rent homes should consider this aspect when marketing their projects.

Developers should review the suitability of applying proper heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems for multifamily houses like in the U.S. and the U.K. where it has been a common housing option. When choosing the pipe suppliers, consider hiring those with decades of experience in the HVAC industry.