Detroit Lions Finds New Coach

The Detroit Lions officially announced the hiring of Jim Caldwell as their next coach.

New coach

New CoachThe team confirmed the decision January 14 and said that they will hold a press conference at Ford Field.

Analysts expected that San Diego Chargers assistant and former Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt was Detroit’s top choice, but he chose to take the head coaching job at Tennessee.

Caldwell: A perfect fit for Lions

The Lions said they are giving Caldwell a chance to be an NFL head coach.

He helped the Indianapolis Colts enter the Super Bowl after his debut season in 2009. He was then fired two years later after a 2-14 season while Peyton Manning was injured, dropping his three-year mark to 26-22.

The 58-year-old coach met with the Lions earlier this month and impressed the team. During the interview, Caldwell revealed his plans on how to help improve the quarterback’s play.