Dog Eats Tons Of Marijuana Brownies

A Portland police chief took a dog to the veterinarian after eating too many marijuana brownies.

 Because She Got High

 marijuanaMike Reese, a police chief in Portland, Oregon posted a photo of the sick dog on Twitter while transporting her to the vet. According to Sgt. Pete Simpson, the dog’s owner is a transient. The dog, accompanied by her owner, was given a ride to the nearest animal hospital. The dog is now well. Authorities, on the other hand, didn’t file any charges against her owner.

 Marijuana Overdoses

 Dr. Meimei Welker, a veterinarian at the Dove Lewis animal hospital, said that they usually treat dogs for marijuana overdoses in their clinic. According to Welker, she and her staff can diagnose the problem the moment dogs walk in the door.

 “We see them pretty consistently,” she said.

 The veterinarian said dogs that consumed too many marijuana have difficulty walking. They’re groggy and hypersensitive to touch, sound, and light. The most revealing sign of consumption, however, is bladder incontinence. Chocolates are also toxic to dogs.