From Drab to Fab: 3 Tips for Revamping a Boring Living Room

sofaAre you fed up with the dull and boring vibe of your living room? Perhaps it’s time for a makeover project. If you’re planning to transform the living room from drab to fab, here are some helpful tips to consider.

1. Pick the right furniture

Perhaps the reason your living room is boring is because of the wrong furniture. Furniture must be a balance of design and style and the quality of construction, material, and functionality. For instance, when choosing a sofa, you have to consider durability, maintenance needs and the style. Professional interior designers usually recommend leather sofas because it does not only give the living room a classic look, they are also easy to clean as they are resistant to staining. There are many high-quality leather sofas that are for sale in top furniture shops.

2. Colour it wild

Filling the space with different colours and shades will make it more dynamic and inviting. If you’re not sure about the most appropriate colour for the space, you may experiment in small areas of the house, say the bathroom or pantry and see what works best.

When you have finally settled for a particular colour scheme, try incorporating it to the furniture, say the leather sofa, table, lamps and other features of the space. This will allow you to get a glimpse of how the colours blend into the space without making any major painting renovations. Consider the mood you want to create in the living room as well. If you want it to be more sophisticated, play with black and white details; if you want it to be exciting and bright, go for bold colours.

3. Create a focal point

Gather the furniture around a coffee table to create a natural focal point in the space. Just make sure that the coffee table complements the size of the leather sofa you picked. You may also make a gallery of pictures and artworks on the wall; this will not only create a focal point, but also give a bit of your personality and style of the space.

Take the dull and boring out of the living room; transform the space from drab to fab.