DUI in CO: Costly Misconceptions of the Accused

case lawEven if DUI is the most common offenses violated in the streets of Colorado, it does not mean the state is taking it lightly. The penalties can be costly, and even costlier if you’re a repeat offender. You could lose your driving privileges for a while, pay heavy fines, and up to six months of jail time.

No matter how serious Colorado police officers in arresting drunk drivers, however, it does not mean they do not make mistakes. In other words, it is never the end of your story when you get pulled over. Getting stopped by an officer is never a pleasant experience, but it could go worse from there if you are misguided by your false assumptions.

Getting Arrested Means Breaking the Law

First rule in DUI arrests, or any arrest for that matter: you are innocent until proven guilty. The judge is the only one that can convict you, and the court is the only right forum to hear your case—not the police, not in the street.

According to experienced criminal lawyers, many who plead guilty are not actually guilty beyond reasonable doubt; they just believe they broke the law because the police told them they did. This is a fallacy, as you may prove them wrong with the perfect defense.

The Breath Test Never Lies

In theory, Breathalyzer readings should always be accurate—but that is only theoretically. In reality, even the most advanced equipment has a chance of error, devices are not maintained properly, calibrated, or operated, and machines fail in some instances. As explained by Miller & Steiert, P.C., “If you took a Breathalyzer or blood test, there are countless things that can go wrong with the results.”

Drinking before Driving Is Drunk Driving

Intoxication is subjective; the police may conclude you evidently has visual signs of inebriation, but the law may say otherwise. There’s such a thing called the legal BAC limit for drivers, which means you can operate a vehicle as long as your blood alcohol concentration is below 0.08%.

Believing in these misconceptions may seem naïve, but no one can really prepare you for a possibly frightening and traumatic experience of an arrest. Whether you understand your situation or not, you must contact a DUI attorney immediately for your defense.