Facts You Should Know About Diamond Core Drilling Systems

Diamond Core Drilling in UtahIf you’re looking at installing a high-speed drilling system, you’ll find a number of options; diamond core drilling is one of them. Diamond core drilling is a high production method that can be used in concrete, stone, asphalt, and masonry. It offers the advantages of being quiet, safe, fast, and does not cause vibration or impact damage to the surface of the structure. In fact, it is so clean that the opening requires no patching or repair. It minimizes spalling and prevents fractures. You can drill holes of up to 60 inches. It is the preferred method for drilling an opening for plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems.

Diamond core drills can be of three basic types: light weight, medium drills, and heavy-duty drills. The light weight drill is a handheld model that looks pretty much like an overgrown shop drill. It comes with an auxiliary base and a stand and is used for drilling holes of up to 3 inches in diameter. The medium weight drill uses a 2 ½ inch column and can drill holes up to 8 inches wide. It uses a 15 – 18 amp motor and has a column or post, motor and carriage, base with anchor slots and leveling screws and a water-cooling system. The heavy duty drill is a rugged version and uses an 18-20 amp electric motor and has a 2 7/8 to 3-inch column and base. It is used for drilling holes in heavily reinforced structures and for jobs that require high production rates. The drill has a number of specialty accessories and is used for drilling large diameter or deep holes.

Before any drilling job, you need to determine the type of drill to be used and in order to do this, consider information such as the reason for which the hole is being drilled, the precision required, the material that is being drilled, whether there is anything embedded in the structure, and the water control required for the job, says an expert from Greene’s Construction. The drill needs to be anchored properly before the job begins and if it is not anchored properly, the movement of the drill base will cause binding, chattering and premature wear to the drill bit.