Fragile Hearts: Helping Your Kids Deal with Divorce

Children and DivorceAt 53% of all first marriages ending in divorce, America comes tenth in a recent study of the world’s most divorced nations. Often, it is the best solution to end marital discord and restart lives as separate individuals.

Going through a divorce, however, is emotionally difficult for everyone involved, most especially the children. Considering how they do not have a say in the proceedings, the impact of it can be more significant and traumatizing. Remember, however, that both of you are, first and foremost, parents to your children. Both of you have a responsibility to look after their welfare.

As respected divorce attorneys in Long island often advise, it is important to protect the kids as much as possible from the negative experience. Here are some pointers to help your children deal with the divorce:

Do not break the routine

When going through a divorce, it is a given that a lot of things have a tendency to change. This makes the process extra difficult because children find comfort in the familiar. To avoid your child feeling alienated, try to keep up with their daily routine. Introduce changes little by little, so they do not get surprised with the situation, especially when it comes to custody arrangements.

Let them express their feelings

Let your kids express what they feel, as it often takes a lot of time for them to open up. They may ask a lot of questions and might even blame you. It is best to be prepared, and keep the dialogue open so you can address their concerns in the most ideal manner.

Be more affectionate

Lastly, be more affectionate. Make them feel that even though you are separating as a couple, you will always be their parents. Hugs and kisses can do lot in reassuring them in such situations. Consulting a psychiatrist can also help if you have difficult showing affection to your kids.

Children should never have to suffer the repercussions of a divorce. With proper guidance, you can help them understand the situation, and move on to the next chapter with optimism.