Haste Makes Waste: Planning What to Do with Renovation Junk

Waste TruckLike most Perth residents, you probably enjoy DIY renovation projects around the house every now and then. Chances are you patterned your bathroom remodelling and roof replacement after what you saw on a renovation reality television show in an effort to improve aesthetics and boost value.

Regardless of what kind of projects you did in the past, there is always that one inevitable, not-so-welcome result of renovation: waste. In most cases, there is more waste produced than you expected. Before you know it, pipes, plywood, glass, plastics, paint, glass and other materials are flowing out from the garage to the front yard or worse, to the road walkway.

The big question is this: how do you dispose of renovation waste cost-effectively and responsibly? Here are three ways to deal with those:


The most obvious solution is to dump all the waste in a landfill. Since you are already doing a DIY renovation project, why not dump things on your own, too, right? Ask where your local landfill is. The next step is to hire vehicles that will transport the waste. A cost-effective and eco-friendly solution is to hire skip bins. Take advantage of renting skip bins Gosnell waste removal service providers offer. Ask them which size is best for your renovation wastes.


Your junk may be another person’s treasure. Perhaps you remodelled your bathroom and think that the old mirror will no longer fit your planned layout and theme. Consider donating it instead of dumping a mirror that is still in good condition. There are organisations that receive, even welcome such things. Check out local organisations and drop off your donations. With this, you will not just be able to get rid of the things, but also help reduce waste in landfills.


Renovation often involves removing old yet functional pieces like windows, flooring, doors, and countertops. If these fixtures are still in good condition, think about reusing them in your home. Perhaps a little painting or cleaning is all these fixtures need to match your newly renovated home.

Do not act in haste when it comes to disposing waste. Consider these cost-effective and responsible disposal options of renovation waste.