Hotel Management: How a Career in the Hospitality Industry Can Benefit You

Hotel employees workingWorking in the hospitality industry is probably one of the most sought after professions, as it offers a lot of career growth. In fact, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the travel and tourism industry account for 8% of total jobs in the world and has a higher growth potential than any other industry. This is mainly due to travellers who depend on hotels to make their stay away from home as comfortable and fun as possible.

And for this reason, many high school and college graduates are enrolling in hotel management courses.

What can you expect when you enrol in Hotel Management course?

Many universities and colleges offer courses in hotel management or hotel administration as part of their academic programs for undergraduate degrees. Some likewise offer graduate and doctoral degrees in this field.

When you enrol in one of the many hotel management courses, you will be learning these core concepts: basics of management, communication skills, service industry principles, hospitality cash management, hotel regulatory standards, and advertising.

Benefits of a Hotel Management Career

You may have heard that a career in the hospitality industry does not pay much. This might be true to some extent, depending on the size of the hotel you are working for. The bigger the hotel, the more competitive the pay rate is. If you are after a bigger income, you can go for a position in the finance, sales or human resources department. But a career in hotel management is more than just about how much the salary is. Some of the perks include:

Generous bonuses. Although the pay is not as stellar as you might expect, many hotels, especially the larger ones, have generous bonus programs that are based on customer service satisfaction scores and meeting revenue goals.

Free or discounted rooms. You will find that many hotel chains offer discounted or even free rooms to their personnel. Some would even have a ‘friends and family’ rates that can save you money when you go on vacations.

Free food. Many large hotel chains have free food or discounted meal prices for their employees. It may not sound much, but if you count your overall expenses for food, you will start to appreciate this.

Fun and relaxing work environment. You will be surrounded by guests who are there to have fun and relax and you cannot help but absorb their happy vibe. Plus, you do get to work in a beautiful hotel or resort.

Career advancement. There is no doubt the hospitality industry is a booming one with approximately $3.5 trillion dollars in earnings per year. A career in this industry will definitely take you far.

Generous job benefits. Major hotel brands provide generous benefits, such as highly competitive healthcare packages, generous maternity leaves, sick leaves, and vacation pay policies. Some would even pay for educational programs provided it is relevant to the industry.

If you are looking for career advancement, competitive pay rates, a relaxing work environment and generous job benefits, a career in the hospitality industry is certainly worth considering. Choose a school now and start your journey to a rewarding career.