Inspirations from the Sun: Creating a Sensational Sunroom

Whatever the weather’s like in your part of the country, sunrooms can be a welcome and flexible addition to your home. These sunny retreats promote leisurely living and increase square footage at a lower cost than fully furnished rooms.

If you’re thinking of adding a sunroom or turning an existing space into one, here are some tips you’ll want to follow:

Use Organic Materials

Use natural elements in your sunroom and be one with nature. Choose different organic materials, such as wood planks, bricks, and stones to create your own version of an oasis.

Add Colors

Let your sunroom reflect your vibrant personality by painting the ceilings and walls with bright colors. Paint it in two-tones to add dimension to available space.

Install Window Seating

Put in a banquette or long bench near the windows to create a chic and functional sunroom. Add a complimentary dining table and chairs where your guests can relax before, during, and after meals.

Create a Sunny Office

If you have a smaller sunroom, think of turning it into an office. Have your desk face outdoors and keep your shelves and other organizational materials out of view. This can give you a true indoor/outdoor feel.

Enclose with Glass

Go all out and build a four-season sunroom. Called a solarium, this all-glass sunroom cost more than typical sunrooms, but the benefits of having one are well worth it. With a solarium, you can bask in the sunlight from every angle for the entire year.

Enclose with Screens

If you’re on a budget but still want a four-season sunroom, enclose the room in screens and place them against the windows. Screen sunroom designs cost less than solariums, but can still keep you warm all year round.

Set up for Entertaining

For year-round indoor/outdoor entertaining, place different conversation areas in your sunroom. Your guests will enjoy the view from every perspective, without feeling out of the loop.

Get inspired and come up with other designs for your sunroom. Just remember to let the natural light from the sun to always shine through.