It’s all in the Base: Different Foundations Used in Building

More than getting reliable suppliers of sheet piling and structural steel and foremen, a builder should also know the different types of foundations. The foundation that a certain structure requires depends on a number of factors. Among these are the size of the structure, the quality of the building grounds, and the various measurements and inferences of the particular project. Here are some of the foundation types employed in a wide range of building projects.

Trench Fill Foundation

This type of foundation requires the builder to excavate the ground 6 feet from the surface. It will then be filled with 5 feet of concrete, leaving the remaining space for block work. Trench fill foundations are ideal in softer ground like clay.

Raft Foundation

This foundation type is ideal where setting up other types is too pricey or not feasible. In other words, raft foundation is ideal for grounds that have soft soil. In this setup, the weight of the structure is dispersed over the covered area, comprised of steel mesh or steel bars. Since the ground is soft, builders should use sturdy sheet piling and other materials.

Seismic Base Isolation

This type of foundation can protect large structures in places where earthquakes are frequent. Base isolation systems have an aspect that acts as a shock absorber between the foundation and the building’s upward extension during earthquakes.

Deep Foundation

This is a type of foundation that’s distinct from shallow foundations by the depth supporting materials are placed into the ground. This is the deepest of all the foundations. This consists of a hole where the builder will place the structural material. There are many ways of piling, which includes filling the hole with stone, concrete and steel reinforcements.

Strip Foundation

This is perhaps the most basic of all the foundations. Many builders use this in smaller structures like houses. The builders reinforce the concrete by layers of steel mesh.

These are only some of the things a builder should know about foundations. Keep in mind that knowing this is important, as the safety of the people who will use the structure depends on it. Source your materials only from the most reliable sheet piling suppliers in the industry.