Jewelry Care: 4 Activities That can Damage Your Jewelry

jewelryFor most women, their fashion collection is not complete without jewelry pieces. After all, they go well with various occasions, be it a formal event or a night-out with friends. This is why many are extremely meticulous when it comes to taking care of their rings, bracelets, and earrings, so they can keep them looking bright and beautiful longer.

But, according to top wholesale jewelry sellers in Salt Lake City, not everyone is aware that some of their usual activities can ruin the quality of their jewelry. Even if you take intensive measures to clean your jewelry set, you might just damage them and ruin them permanently.

Here are the things that can affect the beauty of your jewelry pieces:


These items may look good on you when you sunbathe. But, exposing them under the sun is not only impractical; it can also ruin them completely. Exposure to the sun can lessen the color quality of your jewelry. Plus, the sunscreens also make them lackluster. So, remove your earrings or bracelets before trying to get that tan.

Playing Sports

Jewelr items are not meant for sports. They might actually hinder you from performing at your best. It can even hurt other players, especially if you are playing contact sports. Besides, falls and stumbles happen quite often when playing any sports, which make your pieces susceptible to damage.

Doing Makeup

Make sure to wear your jewelry after you apply makeup or perfume. There are some cosmetic products that have chemicals that can potentially damage your jewelry. If you have to spray perfume while wearing them, be sure not to spray directly to your jewelry.

Never Taking Them Off

Your stones may look pretty, but at the end of the day, remember to take them off. Dirt and oil may tarnish the quality of your jewelry if you do not give them a break. Store them into their boxes to make sure they are not exposed to humidity.

A bright and beautiful jewelry says so much about who’s wearing it. If you can make them last long, you can enjoy the luxury of having such valuable pieces longer.