Let’s Get Physical: Helping Your Kids Choose a Sport

Kids in sportsPlay is a fundamental aspect of a child’s maturity. Apart from improving their motor coordination, it helps them grasp the ideas and values of winning and losing. Nonetheless, as children go further in their process of growing up and maturing, they may lose interest in play and start focusing on other things.

To keep the spirit of play alive, encourage your kids to engage themselves in sports. Do not choose the sport for them; let them choose what they like. Here is a short guide on how you can help them:

Their Age

Age determines the type of the sport your kid should participate in. Kids aged 6 to 9 have already fine motor skills, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to enlist them in sports with complex physical requirements. Help them go for a sport that will teach them the concepts of strategy and pressure. Once they get the necessary experience only then can you enrol them in activities that are more rigorous. Once they are old enough and their body becomes mature enough, they enrol on their own in sport programs like Crossfit in Dubai Marina from gameplaysport.com.

Their Interest

Is your kid interested in sports without pressures on personal accomplishments? Does your child do well if put in a team. If so, encourage them to take part in group sports. Soccer and basketball are safe choices. If they like working alone, encourage them to play tennis and chess.

Their Emotional Maturity

Sports require emotional maturity, since they’re all about competition. Competitions come with training, pressure, and control. Your child should be able to handle all these. They, however, should not go overboard over these. Otherwise, they will miss the fun.

More importantly, see to it that your kid’s physician approves the physical engagement. Sports are physically taxing, and they always come with certain health risks. You should also consider the costs, since some sporting activities require equipment, uniform, and training facilitated by professionals. This is especially true if your kid is into unorthodox sports, such as horseback riding, parasailing, and cycling.