How to Make Your House Child-Friendly

Making your house safe for your baby is slightly different from creating a child-friendly home. Of course, you need to provide a safe environment for your growing child, but make sure to leave an area for discoveries and exploration.

kids at homeDon’t focus on the aesthetic appeal of your house. Make sure that the style, design and overall theme functions toward your family’s needs, especially your children.

Nurturing Your Child’s Creativity

Children are naturally playful and creative. They would walk around the house wearing your shoes. Some would start scribbling on the walls and glass, creating abstract and colourful drawings—which eventually become your problem.

Some households install anti-graffiti films to avoid your child’s drawings to stain permanently. According to, an expert in safety and decorative films, this type of film does not only protect your glass from possible scratch but also cover the existing marks. By installing these in your home, you can allow your child’s artistic side to develop without worrying about your home.

Providing Rooms for Exploration

As you’re just starting to build your family, you can still create a family room to hold all your family activities. Some experts recommend applying bright colours to walls and decorations that can stimulate your child’s young mind.

With a stimulating environment at home, you can nurture your child’s curiosity and creativity. Keep their favourite toys in a basket and place it on the floor where your child can reach them. Allowing them to play encourages your baby to develop good mental health as well as self-confidence.

Preventing Accidents

Falling accounts for 44% of accidents in residential areas, making it the most common cause of accidents.

Once your child starts crawling, you need to be extra careful. Never leave things on the stairs or floor which might cause tripping or other accidents. In replacing damage carpets, don’t forget to place non-slip pads under them. Attach cushioned protectors on the edges of your coffee tables and desks to prevent injury.

As they say, a home provides a safe haven for most people. This is where your child first experiences things and develops the basic skills. To support your child’s needs, create a child-safe home without leaving out the fun.