Many Dolphins Are Ill One Year After Disastrous Oil Spill

dolphinsDolphins that live in the worst areas hit by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill are ill.  They are beset with lung problems which is quite consistent with oil exposure.  The findings are based on a study investigating the damage caused from the spill.

Check Ups Made

Researchers from the academy and the government as well as other organizations have made comprehensive check-ups on 29 dolphins in Bartaria Bay last August 2011 as a part of the Natural Resource Damage Assessment which is a federal method that determines how extensive the damage caused by the disaster is and how to mediate it.  The bay was one of the areas where pelicans struggled in thick globs and heavy oil slicks as it washed onto the marshy areas between April and July of 2010.  Fourteen of the twenty nine dolphins are classified as in guarded, poor or grave health condition.  In comparison, only one out of fifteen dolphins from Sarasota Bay, Florida, which was not involved in the oil spill, is ill.