Marketing on a Budget? Try Out these Tools

Back then, televisions, billboards and newspapers were the only means for businesses to promote their products and services. The steady popularity of online advertising today provides more opportunities for them to attract potential customers and generate sales in a cost-effective manner.

web designThanks to these cost-cutting marketing tools, small businesses can promote their products and services at fewer costs:

Mobile-friendly websites

Most people use smartphones and tablets more than computers to browse the Internet. Realizing the marketing potential of mobile-friendly websites, web design companies in Salt Lake City and other parts of the world develop responsive web designs to suit various devices and predominant mobile users. These websites will increase site visits and rankings of small businesses in search engines. These are cost-effective and practical to use, as well. Small businesses don’t have to create costly mobile apps or paid online ads with mobile-friendly sites.

Social networking sites

Social networking sites have become the source of the latest tidbits. These are ideal for small businesses to introduce and popularize their products and services. Advertising costs won’t be a problem, as most social networking sites offer free registrations. Their acquaintances can share their posts to other people for free, which means fewer advertising costs for them. Through social networking sites, businesses won’t only have friends, but potential customers in their midst, as well.

Web Content

Some people believe that advertising their products and services through web content will increase their credibility and sales. The 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report reveals that 62% of marketers want to master blogging. Marketers focus on blogging today because it can give significant returns on investment. Consumers don’t buy products that they don’t know. Educating them through online content like blogs will attract and turn visitors into customers. Most blogging sites are free to use so this means fewer advertising costs for companies.

Advertisements don’t have to be costly for small businesses. Mobile-friendly websites, social media and online content are cost-effective tools that they can utilize to attract customers and generate sales at lesser costs. The increasing number of Internet users through mobile platforms, social networking sites and online content makes these tools practical for businesses to have in their publicity stunts.