Mobile Dentistry: Going Where the Patients Go

Mobile clinics have significantly changed the level of access patients across the country get when it coDentistmes to dental care. It used to be that patients would have to go through the motions—schedule an appointment, visit the clinic, the works. The problem with this traditional set-up, though, is that patients must have the means to travel to access health care services. The disabled, elderly and other isolated communities fail to get the treatment they need because of this.

With the rise of mobile dental clinics, dentists are now able to go to where the patients are.

The Mobile Dentistry Environment

Most dentists use expandable trucks or trailers for their mobile clinic. The vehicles are generally less expensive and more spacious than mobile coaches. Dental practitioners also have a range of options when it comes to floor plans, given that most companies offer trailer customization services to meet specific needs.

In general, mobile clinics need to have two treatment rooms with intraoral X-ray equipment in each, a central sterilization space, a staff restroom, a panorex, and central suction and compressed air systems. It must also have a generator for efficient independent operation. Fresh and wastewater storage is also necessary, which is why experts recommend dental practitioners to consult with a local plumber.

Shore power enables lights and heat to work smoothly even though the generator is down. For it to be fully effective, though, it needs special connections not originally installed in such vehicles. Many choose to modify their trailers to accommodate a variety of operational needs.

The Unique Medical Approach

Mobile clinics don’t just provide a comfortable environment for patients, but also allows dentists to offer a unique medical approach. Most dentists observe that traditional treatment, where the patient goes to a clinic, is not just a hassle for the elderly and disabled, but also symptomatic. This means that the treatment simply relieves the symptoms of the patients’ health problem when they occur. With mobile clinics, dentists can go whenever, wherever and offer the dental care patients need.

Mobile dentistry opened the opportunity for dentists to reach out effectively to communities and for patients to access better dental care services.