More Than a Greenhouse: 3 Creative Ways to Use Your Conservatory

ConservatoryIt is part of human nature to pursue extra space, whether it is in a remote corner of the backyard or a quiet hallway nook. Everyone wants a space to relax, to work, a place that belongs only to us, and the existence of conservatories have made all of that possible.

You can use it as both a quiet place to sit and read a book and as a dining area, or everything else in between. If you are planning on building one, listed below are some of the beautiful and creative ways to make the most of your conservatory space.

An Inspiring Home Office

A conservatory, especially one with a garden view, is perfect for creating an inspiring place to work. Using it can help you keep the work area separate from the rest of your home.

A desk placed by the window is ideal because it makes full use of the light coming into the conservatory. You might also want to keep the decor simple and neutral so that it does not distract you too much. A hardwood conservatory from is the perfect one for this project, but if you want to add a splash of colour, use bold-coloured or patterned cushions or throws.

A French-Style Tearoom

A French-style tearoom is another nice, creative way to utilise a conservatory. To build one, simply design a bright and airy dining room. Paint the surroundings white, and make sure there are wooden touches to add warmth to the white scheme. You might also want to use French doors leading into the room to complete a French-inspired, vintage tearoom feel.

A Relaxing Country Seating Area

Hardwearing furniture, such as hardwood and rattan pieces, are excellent choices if you are going for that authentic country feel when creating a seating area for your conservatory. This allows you to create a dual-purpose conservatory, which gives a relaxing space for you and your guests.

If you want an authentic country feel, you might also want to use brick walls, as well as upholstered furniture and grey-painted doors.

To date, the conservatory is one of the most versatile spaces in any home. Do not limit yourself to the ideas listed here—creative souls like you can use a conservatory however you may like.