Old, Abandoned Properties That Will Make Your Hair Stand

hair standDemolition contractors have seen properties in their worst conditions. While some properties stand in their rundown state, others appear as if they are the setting of a horror flick. The eerie, dilapidated state of old, abandoned properties make the hair of even the most seasoned contractors stand up.

Some demolition contractors in Perth even think back about the time they felt chills while on the job. Here are some properties that will make your spine tingle with their eeriness:

Church of the Nativity

The Church of the Nativity is one of the oldest historic sites in Mount Vernon. As it awaits demolition, the church exudes a feeling of melancholy in its rundown state. The property still stands and continues to deliver a haunting feeling for whoever catches a glimpse of it.

Candlestick Park

Once home to the famed San Francisco Giants, Candlestick Park is now a dilapidated stadium with 1,000 seats surrounding the empty football field. The stadium appears as if it’s a part of a ghost town, with nothing but the memories of championship games. Candlestick Park paints a dreary picture of what was once the home of historic events. People who have seen the stadium at its glory days can’t help but remember their past experience in this now desolated field.

Historic Homes

Historic properties are preserved due to their essential role in culture. Some families continue to live in old homes because of the history behind it. Others abandon old households to relocate in newer homes or build their own.

One of these properties is a historic home in Portland, Oregon. With its broken windows and crumbling exteriors, the empty house appears like the ones you usually see in horror films. For now, nobody dares to enter this dilapidated house.

When old properties await demolition, people can’t help but recall the grandeur of these abandoned sites. On the bright side, they can look forward to new buildings that can be of value to their community.