Perfecting the Design and Build of Your Workspace

Workplace designThere is an increasing number of people venturing into the world of startups – not just in America, but also across the globe. In 2012, Mashable reported that the US saw around 514,000 new business owners. Add the number of businesses that launched in 2013 and 2014 and you have a clear idea of how competitive the business landscape has become.

The reality, however, is that only few of these businesses are going to last. To be part of the fortunate few, you need to allocate funds properly and make sure to set aside a good part of your budget for one of the most basic resources: the office space. As figures from news reports reveal, the prices of office space rentals are rising throughout the country.

Given the limited resources available to startups, there is a need to make the most of every inch of floor space and to be practical in every purchasing decision. Sumner Furniture offers three suggestions as to how you can make this happen:

Change the Furniture

Make sure your office furniture is worth every inch of the space it takes up. The best choice is to go for multi-purpose furniture pieces, from simple tables to spacious shelves. Make an inventory of the assets you have at the moment and look for good deals from different stores. Replace bulky, space-consuming pieces with versatile ones to free up some space in the office.

Redesign the Office Layout

When you have a small office space, it’s safe to say that traditional cubicles won’t work. The partitions take up space, for one. If ever you do succeed in making cubicles, there’s a good chance the employees would feel cramped.
Rethink your layout and make the space more open. Sharing tables is a great idea to save on furniture and to maximize space at the same time.

Use Vertical Space

The use of vertical storage solves the common problem of limited square footage for a workspace. It is easy to install shelves that can hold piles of documents, some ornamental touches, and even equipment like printers. While it’s not ideal to cover all walls with shelves and cabinets, it’s a great touch to make the most of the space without spending a lot.

With these suggestions, your business can function properly without running out of space. Use these tips when you redecorate the office for a well-organized space.