Psy’s New Song Earns Youtube Love

It may be dubbed as a copy of the “Gangnam Style” but horse-dancing YouTube sensation Psy’s new song “Gentleman” is just as breezy and funny.

PSY-Gentleman-videoThe video with an elevator reappearance fo the Man Dressed in Yellow an the immortal line “Wet…Psy!” earned 22 million YouTube views on its first day. On its third day, the views totaled 122 million. The release was smart timing, just as the post-“Gangnam Style” backlash and the controversy about the Korean pop star’s anti-US comments have died down.

Steve Knopper of Rolling Stone magazine predicts that “Gentleman” will be a hit for months, though not as phenomenal as “Gangnam Style.” He does not agree, however, to the video’s misogyny-disguised-as teasing concept. Knopper noticed that the victims of the video’s jokes are all women who are publicly humiliated.

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