Raise the Roof: Roof Tile Replacement Made Easy

roof tile replacementThe elements can cause terrible damage to roof tiles. You want to repair these immediately, as they may cause worse problems.

In the roof repair industry, quality and affordability are the business standards that will strike you the most. However, there are times when you must do what you have to do—and that is to go up there and do the repairs yourself.

There are easy steps to follow in replacing your broken roof tile. Read on and make sure to watch your steps.

Do Not Forget Your Supplies and Equipment

Before climbing that ladder, make sure you have all the right equipment. No one can finish roof repairs in Newcastle or anywhere else without the tools. Even if you hire the experts for the job, make sure that they come prepared. Sydney’s GeneralTrades.com.au says roof and toilet repair companies should have fully equipped vehicles, trained teams and the latest technology.

You are like a soldier who needs weapons to battle it out up there. Remember to take the pliers, hand brush and replacement tile. You may also bring your copper wire ties, timber wedges and wire cutters just to be sure.

Take it One Step at a Time

It is better to proceed with the repair knowing everything you have to do. Read the steps and make sure you remember them.

First off, raise the layer of tiles over the one that needs replacing. To support the tiles, use the handle of your hammer along with some timber wedges.

Next, you need your wire cutters to snap the ties while reaching in beneath the tile above. Unfasten the tile from the strip of wood underneath. If you can’t do this, go into the roof space to set up the tile for repair.

To set loose the broken tile from its link with the other tiles, raise and bend it. Observe extra caution, especially when you’re dealing with old tiles since they can break in an instant.

Once you have found the damaged tile, be very careful in dusting dirt off the grooves on the tiles on both sides. Mind you, these grooves keep water from seeping through the roof space. With storms causing damage to properties in Australia, you want your roof to be strong enough to withstand harsh weathers.

Place the brand new tile and make sure that it is locked in. To finish the repair, simply put down the raised row of tiles back to its original place by taking off the wedges. Congratulate yourself for a job well done.

Replace those damaged roof tiles immediately to make sure that the roof does its job. Choose between fixing damaged roof tiles by yourself or calling in roof repair experts.