Risky Business: The Hazards That Carpenters Face

carpenters insuranceCarpenters perform different types of construction and handyman jobs–from installing kitchen cabinets to building large structures. Most of their tasks are strenuous and expose them to different hazardous situations. Getting a carpenter insurance quote is the first step towards getting yourself protected from damages and liabilities.

As a carpenter, some of the occupational risks that come with your job include the following:

Sustaining injury from using different tools and machineries

Carpenters should receive proper training when their tasks require the use of heavy machineries. To avoid accidents due to faulty equipment, make sure that everything is in good working order. Construction sites should also enforce the wearing of appropriate protection like hard hats and work boots to minimise the risks of major injuries.

Exposure to toxic materials

Some construction work involves the use of solvents, chemicals, and flammable materials. If the job is indoors, make sure that there’s good ventilation to maintain the quality of air in the area.

Pain or injury from working in uncomfortable positions and performing repetitive tasks

Construction jobs are physically demanding as workers need to lift, bend, kneel, stretch, and perform physically awkward tasks repeatedly. The same is true for small repair jobs that carpenters regularly encounter. Taking regular breaks can give your strained muscles a quick rest.

Another effective solution is to use materials or perform work methods that are less labour-intensive and take less time. For floor-level tasks that require you to bend or kneel, use tools with extension handles so you can do them standing up instead.

Stress and increased risks of injury due to extended work days

Supervisors should implement a shift work pattern strictly. This isn’t just for the benefit of the worker, but also for the contractor. By preventing injuries due to stress and overworking, you don’t have to worry about lost hours. Less lost hours means steady productivity.

The physically demanding nature of a carpenter’s work may cause injuries and other problems. Getting an insurance coverage can provide you with the protection that you need when doing your job. There are different types of insurance available for carpenters, so get in touch with a reliable carpenter insurance agency to know more about your options.