Roof Repairs: It’s Always Safety First

When it comes to repairing your roof, safety should be your top priority. If you skip basic safety measures, thinking that they’re too much trouble, you’ll eventually get into an accident. But why take that risk?

No matter how simple your roofing repair is, completing DIY roofing work can be dangerous if you don’t observe basic safety measures, such as:

Selecting the Proper Footwear

Don’t risk slipping off of your shingle or metal roof by wearing an old pair of tennis shoes. Choose a pair of rubber-soled work shoes or boots with good tread instead.

Watching the Weather

DIY roofing repairs are best done during warm and clear days, when you can keep your roofing materials dry. Watch the weather forecast and avoid moisture, wind or icy conditions. Avoid climbing onto your roof until morning dew is gone.

But if you’ve got a roofing emergency during rainy or snowy weather, it’s best to call the professionals to do your repairs.

Observing Ladder Safety

Observe ladder safety by levelling the ground with plywood or something similar when it’s uneven. Secure the plywood with stakes, and the ladder with ladder accessories once it’s fully extended and leaning against the roof. If your roof’s more than one story high, think of buying or renting a roof harness system.

Preparing Roofing Supplies

There’s nothing more annoying than reaching your rooftop just to realize that you’ve left your supplies on the ground. To avoid this, list down the materials and tools that you’ll need beforehand. Once you’ve gathered all your supplies, use a rope pulley or harness system to safely hoist them onto your roof.

Working Carefully

Most rooftop injuries occur when homeowners try to rush their rooftop repairs. To avoid this, be patient and take breaks when you’re doing the repairs.

Cleaning the Work Area

Before beginning the repairs, clean your work area first. Sweep off debris and dirt that can cause you to slip. Remove nails, screws, and other fasteners that can hurt you when kneeling on your roof.

Accidents do happen. But you can minimize them by employing some basic safety measures. Go to to ensure you’re safety when working on roofing repairs.