Signs Of Syrian WMD Strike Missed By US Spies

syriaDays ahead of the strike, the US intelligence never doubted a massive chemical attack by the Syrian regime. It was pieced together only after the facts were gathered. This was confirmed by the spokesman for director of national intelligence. The attack was later linked to Syrian government using communication intercepts commanding the Syrian military units to strike.

Obama attacks Syrian government

Secretary of state John Kerry said they were aware of the ground preparations and precautionary measures adopted by the Syrian forces before the attack. However, the evidence was uncovered only after Syrians started reporting the attack directly from the scene. The Syrian government had been warned by President Barack Obama in December regarding the attack. He had held the country’s leaders to be accountable for this unacceptable attack.  The congress is now being asked to approve a strike against the Syrian president. US said the attack killed 1,429 people and had been reconstructed using signal intercepts and satellites.