The Brilliant Idea that is Home Care

home careAfter graduation you’ll find a good job, start a family, and provide for them for the next forty or so years. Now, after all those years of sleepless nights, sweaty days, and moments of both joy and frustration you’re asked to leave your home because you’re too old to take care of yourself.

While this is not the real picture, this is how many seniors may feel when their loved ones send them to elderly care facilities.

A Grim Reality

This is a reality many of the elderly face, after years of working they’re either urged or forced into going to ‘homes’ that can better ensure their health and safety. Many of the families who choose that option only do so because they’re thinking of their parents’ and grandparents’ well-being. These families only have the best of intentions; unfortunately, these methods strip the elderly of their sense of independence and freedom, and that’s something some of them find too hard to bear.

Many homes try to soften the blow by trying to replicate the conditions of the patients’ home environs; it’s just not the same. Replication is an exercise in futility, much like how aquariums try to replicate the ocean, the fish know there’s something wrong no matter how realistic the setup seems.

A Great Idea

Then someone had the great idea of implementing a service called home care, which brings the care the elderly need from the ‘home’ to their homes. This is the best of both worlds as far as the families are concerned. Their parents and grandparents can stay exactly where they are, surrounded by familiar neighbours and friends, while still getting the security and safety they need. Caregivers don’t have to take extreme measures to make the environment ‘like home’, because their wards are home.

Home care allows the elderly to stay where they are happy, and happiness is such a big factor in elderly care. Doctors can attest that the more depressed a patient is, the more likely their bodies will succumb to their illness, a condition that’s common in ‘homes’. But if patients are happy, they get better faster, and stay healthy longer.

The point of elderly care is to keep seniors as healthy and active for as long as possible, and gathering them in a building where everything is regimented is not the answer. Give your parents and grandparents the freedom and independence they deserve, goodness knows they’ve worked hard enough for it.