The Heat is On: A Guide to Halon Extinguishers

For some, fire extinguishers are just decorative red cans on walls, never looked at, rarely considered. But for others, fire extinguishers are the difference between a simple fire problem and a total conflagration.

fire extinguishersHalon extinguishers, for one, are one of the most effective extinguishers available. This agent contains a gas that interrupts the chemical reaction that happens when fuels burn. These are also the top choice for many businesses, as these leave no smelly and dirty residues.

Application methods

As halon has a relatively high boiling point, it usually takes a few seconds to vaporize when released from its container. To ensure efficient halon use, stand back a few meters and upwind from the fire. Aim it directly at the base of the fire to have its best effect. A sweeping action will also make sure that halon will have its chemical interference across the entire surface of the fuel.

A safe bet

Halon is a low-toxicity compound that has been extremely used for fire protection for years. It is clean and safe for human exposure. Due to its effectiveness and minimal toxicity, Halon extinguishers are safe for aircraft and hospital uses.

The best choice

Fire needs fuel, heat, and oxygen to spread. While you can use water or carbon dioxide fire extinguishers separately to put out fires, Halon offers some of the water’s cooling effect and carbon dioxide’s smothering action, making it a multipurpose agent. Due to its liquefied, compressed gas, it easily reacts with the fire’s components and interrupts the fire’s chain reaction.

Halon extinguishers, like carbon dioxide units, are “clean agents.” The agent discharges as a liquid, does not cause thermal shock, and leaves no residue after putting out fires. These properties make it ideal for putting out fires in IT rooms and corporate offices.

You and your family’s safety should be your main priority. Fire extinguishers, including Halon, play a vital role in keeping your household safe during fire emergencies.