The Most Common Exterior Paint Problems

exterior paintThe home’s exterior receives the most damage from the weather, so the paint will eventually wear out faster than the interiors. If you notice some peeling and wall damage, then it’s time for a repaint.

Here are some of the most common signs to look out for:


Exterior paint should be smooth and dry, not dust-like. According to painting contractors, like, chalking is a normal sign of wear and tear, but excessive chalking is a different issue. It might not be visible from afar, but touching the surface will tell you the scope of the damage. Its chalk-like particles will likely stick to your hand.

Cracking and Flaking

Dry materials cause the paint coating to split, which leads to cracks and flaking. This happens usually during do-it-yourself renovation projects when:

– Homeowners buy cheap and lower quality materials, thinking there’s no difference in the quality of paint
– The application of paint is too thin, causing the surface to wear immediately
– Homeowners paint when it’s cool and windy, causing the paint to dry fast and crack
– There’s a lack of preparation, especially when you apply paint on wood without priming or sanding the surface


When non-galvanized iron nails begin to rust, the nail head will bleed through the topcoat. Nails are part of the foundation of every home, but it could cause reddish-brown stains that affect the appearance of your exteriors. When this happens, it’s time to paint it over.


Extreme humidity and the lack of effective vapor barriers cause moisture condensation, which generates pressure on wood surfaces and its coating. The surface will eventually dry as the water evaporates, but the paint won’t go back to its original state. Blisters also form when you paint the exteriors in direct sunlight with solvent-based coatings.

Don’t ignore your exterior walls. Better make an inspection every once in a while to see if it requires a repaint, and keep your property looking good throughout the different seasons.

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