There are Never Winners in a Messy Divorce

Depression after DivorceDivorce has many unintended consequences for all the parties involved; some sites of the biggest collateral damage include finances, family relations, and even health. There have been multiple reports of men suffering depression in the years after a separation, which can lead to suicide or early death. Can the same be said for the other half of the equation?

In Sickness and in Health

Until recently, there hasn’t been any evidence of women suffering any negative health effects after going through a divorce. This is why law firms such as The Huntsman Firm try to make separations as quick and amicable as possible.

In fact, there are even several papers suggesting that women have a higher likelihood of being happier after a separation than their male counterparts. This happy status may not last long, however, since a new study submits that divorced women are at greater risk of cardiac arrest.

The Heart Test

According to the paper, divorced women have a 24% higher chance of getting a heart attack as compared to their married peers, numbers that drastically jump to 77% after the second divorce. Even finding love for a second time doesn’t seem to make a difference in this particular state of the heart, since remarried women still have a 33% greater chance of cardiac arrest.

The results that were most intriguing for the researchers were the numbers involving remarried women and those who divorced twice. When the study applied the same rules to men, the number decreased upon remarriage, and didn’t increase upon a second divorce. It’s still not clear why this is the result, nor is it evident whether the results were accurate enough to provide a reliable comparison.

Previous studies have long established how much stress a divorce puts a person under, as the brain floods the body with cortisol and adrenaline. These stress hormones significantly affect the natural rhythm of the heart, turning it into a ticking time bomb. It’s reasonable to assume that the longer a couple remains in the state of stress that comes with a divorce proceeding, the greater the health risks they’re exposing themselves to.