Three Secrets to Brewing the Best-Tasting Iced Tea

iced teaGoing to the mall or turning your air conditioners into full blast seems like a great way to stay refreshed during hot days. But, if leaving your home or overusing your cooling units is not appealing to you, there are other ways to fight off the heat. One of these is by simply creating a cool, refreshing iced tea drink to enjoy during hot afternoons.

Before you start looking for an ice machine for sale, here are some tips to add some kick to your drink:

1. Use Fresh Loose Tea

Loose tea is more aromatic and has a better taste than packed varieties. As this maintains its fresh aroma, the substances that give the herbs their unique taste are intact. You can even plant the herbs right in your own backyard to save on the cost of buying ingredients.

2. Boil the Tea in Filtered Water

The best way to bring out the health-boosting components of your tea is boiling the leaves for a few minutes and leaving them to seep. Use a water filter to make sure that microorganisms (which could be present in tap water) do not affect the natural taste of your tea. Fill a pitcher with ice. Pour the brewed tea over the ice while still hot to preserve the taste and aroma.

3. Add Sugar While the Brew is Hot

Add sugar while soaking the tea leaves, as the heat easily melts the granules. This allows the sweetness of the sugar to mix in well, as compared to adding the sugar after the tea has cooled down. Check the natural taste of the tea, as too much sweetness might only ruin the flavour of your drink.

The next time you feel thirsty during a hot day, grab a glass, turn on your ice maker and start brewing your iced tea to stay refreshed.