Tiger Woods Keeps His Hopes High For The 2013 PGA Championship

In the battle at the Oak Hill Country Club for a major title, Tiger Woods keeps his hopes high. The veteran golfer hasn’t won any major championship since the 2008 US Open. This might be the last chance this year to capture his 15th title.


woodsPeople have been anticipating Woods to step up his quest for his no. 15. He admitted that the road might be a bit difficult. In an interview, he said, “I’ve certainly had my share of chances to win. I’ve had my opportunities there on the back nine, probably half of those Sundays for the last five years where I’ve had a chance, and just haven’t won it. But the key is to keep giving myself chances, and eventually I’ll start getting them.”

Woods gained his ninth top ten finish in the 17 majors he has played in since 2008. Just recently, he tied for sixth spot at the Open Championship.


Once, he said that a great year is not without a major championship. Today, he tweaks the statement a little slightly. His five victories make this year worthy to be called great. “This year, for me, I think it’s been a great year, winning five times, and you look at the quality of tournaments I’ve won,” he said. “That’s pretty good.”

The golfer came to Rochester to test the waters. He expects the next competition to be a “great test.”