Tips for a Spacious One-Room Apartment

One-room ApartmentYoung professionals just starting out in their careers may wish that their first home would be spacious and with at least two rooms. In reality, a one-room apartment may be a better fit for their budgets.

Just because you live in a one-bedroom apartment, doesn’t mean you can’t make it look any less spacious and stylish than a bigger home. suggests the following tips in upgrading your apartment’s look:

1) Mirrors – Any small space can look double its size with strategically placed mirrors within the room. They give the illusion of added dimension and are also useful for practical and decorative purposes. Large decorative mirrors can also be cheaper, but elegant alternatives to expensive paintings or other wall decors.

2) Lighting – Good placement of lights throughout the ceiling and on the walls also enhances the look of the space. Lights can also set the mood with dimming functions and by using bulbs of either warm or cool tones. Do consult with a qualified professional to plan out the placement of the lights in your home.

3) Multifunctional Furniture – A bed with a built-in side table or a sofa that can transform into a bed are just some examples of space-saving furniture. There are lots of multifunctional furniture options in shops that not only take up less space, but may also cost less than their bigger counterparts. Look up ideas online or ask an experienced interior designer for advice.

4) Space-Saving Appliances – Choose wall-mounted TV and speakers instead of a model that takes up floor space. Buy a foldable vacuum cleaner that can do both wet and dry vacuuming. Can you live having a smaller refrigerator? Remember, the more space you save, the better your apartment will look.

A one-room apartment shouldn’t mean cramped and cluttered living. With these tips, even a small apartment can be a home that you can appreciate and relax in.