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Better with Age: Why You Should Buy Antiques

As a society, we put too much emphasis on youth and newness. That is understandable; youth is beautiful. What we forget is that being older in years is beautiful, too. Older adults exude an air of maturity and wisdom that can only be attained through the years; a value that only increases with


Why Use Reclaimed Wood for Wall Panels in Your Home

Wood used to be a primary material in the construction of a home in the not-so-distant past because of its abundance, practicality, and availability. It was not uncommon at that time for a home to be completely built from wood taken from massive trees that were decades or even centuries old. As time


Find the Best Door for Your Home by Noting These Reminders

Doors contribute to your home’s appeal, in addition to keeping you safe and secure. Many people prioritise functionality over aesthetics. The truth is you can have both if you just know where and how to look. Here’s a shopping guide to help you: Take Your Time With a wide variety of styles,