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Mortgage with a Bad Credit: It’s Possible!

While lenders favor borrowers with a good credit score, you shouldn’t give up if your credit rating is not that stellar. The good news is, even with a bad credit, you can still get a loan and purchase a home. Just be sure to do your homework to find what you can


After Bankruptcy: Can You Get a Mortgage?

A bankruptcy record on your credit history makes it challenging to qualify for a mortgage. Apart from deducting 100 or more points from your score, the record also stays on your history for 10 years. While you don’t necessarily have to wait 10 years to get a mortgage, it’s important to start


Mortgage Broker: Why You Need to Hire One

As you decide to take out a home loan, you're often torn between whether or not to get the assistance of a mortgage broker. While most borrowers would've rejected this option bluntly, there are actually good reasons you should open yourself up to the idea of hiring a professional. Here's a list