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How Smart Women Spend Their Money

Women are responsible for roughly USD $18 trillion of the global economy. But where do all that cash go? Here are three industries that are currently attracting the smartest female buyers: Real Estate and Home Furnishing According to Harvard Business Review, women influence 94% of the purchases in this category. It’s also worth noting that


Online Conveyancing: Is It a Good Option for You?

Online conveyancing is a recent development in the ever-dynamic property sales and buying industry. The number of people selling and buying property is growing as the property market expands. Whilst working with conveyancers can mean the difference between a genuine and a scam transaction, they do not have enough time to meet


3 Ways To Get Funding For Your Restaurant Business

As a restaurant owner, you sometimes feel stranded on what to do or how to raise money to start or boost your business. You should learn some of the simplest ways get the funds you need to support your operations. ARF Financial cites some of them. Fundraising Fundraising as a way to