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Blockchain Technology: Would It Improve UK’s Port Connectivity?

Logistics companies in the UK currently operate under different systems, but Associated British Ports (ABP) wants to change this by using blockchain technology to create a seamless network. Blockchain Appeal ABP signed a deal with the Marine Transport International (MTI) to improve the connectivity among different players in the logistics industry. The


How Sales Strategies Have Evolved to Accommodate Technology

The traditional sales department structure is built around a sales manager and their representatives. Managing sales teams has evolved with the use of digital tools. No longer are representatives limited to knocking on doors and making phone calls. They are now using digital sales and marketing tools to talk to leads online.


Network 101: What is a Network Topology?

Network topology refers to the specific arrangement or shape of various parts in a computer network. It defines how different links or nodes connect to each other as well as how they communicate. If you’re taking the CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam and are doing a practice test to refresh your memory, CertBlaster and other