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Which Category Does Your Wastewater Fall into?

The conventional water treatment process starts from primary to secondary and finally tertiary level. These processes produce solid waste which can either be reused or disposed and cleaned water for reuse. The primary water treatment method is the most basic, and it entails removal of solid waste. Secondary waste treatment involves biological


Things You Need to Know About Water Treatment Devices

What people usually complain about their drinking water, whether from wells or public water systems, is mostly about taste, odor, and hardness. This is no cause for alarm, however, since a home water treatment device can remedy these problems. If you are living in Indiana, for instance, have your water tested first before installing


Why Water Recycling Will Save the World

Increasing world population and manufacturing processes have increased demand for water. The world’s water resources are strained as water applications for households, and industrial processes have made fresh water resources nearly scarce. Additionally, human activities have polluted the available water with chemicals and garbage, rendering it unsafe for use. Many water treatment