4 Unexpected Uses of RV with Customised Canopies


These days, every time you check your social media feed, you may bump into one or more travel-related posts. Some take trips abroad, while others prefer to roam in your country. The latter group often considers renting or buying their own recreational vehicles (RV).

RVs are ideal for camping and travelling. It has amenities, such as a bathroom, kitchen, and dining and sleeping area. MFI Service Bodies and other experts noted, however, that having a customised RV canopy in Australia could let you maximise its use even more. These make the RV suitable for other uses like:

Temporary Home

In the 1800s, Europeans made wagons as places to live in. Before that, carts and wagons were simply used for travelling and shipping goods. As the modern version of wagons, the RV can also serve as your home. In fact, there are people who chose to live permanently in their RV. If you’re not up to such lifestyle, however, you may consider the vehicle as a temporary home. This can be a good option if you are assigned to work in a remote area where accommodations are limited. You may also consider it in case your house is under renovation.

Mobile Office

An RV can function as a mobile office, as well. This becomes a feasible choice with the increased reliability of remote Internet connection. Power supply for your devices and equipment is also not a problem. The custom-made canopy can provide a comfortable receiving area for your clients.

Exhibition Stand

If you own a startup, it will be a good idea to join exhibits to have some brand exposure. RV can be of help whether it’s an indoor or outdoor exhibition. First, you can use it as a mode of transportation for you and/or your employees. Second, you can have the car’s body and canopy customised to feature your brand logo and slogan.

Charity Work

The RV is beneficial to charity works, too. The area covered by the canopy can serve as the waiting area for beneficiaries. Charity workers don’t have to book accommodations because they can live temporarily inside their vehicle.

Customised RV canopy might not seem much at first glance, but this added feature can increase the possible uses of your RV. Why not give it a try.