Healthy Hooves: Formulating an Equine Diet

Horse FarmAs soon as your horse gets comfortable in his new stable, come up with a proper feeding program to keep him happy and healthy. They are unlike your typical household pet that does not need much attention. Giving your horse some horse feed twice a day will not be enough. They are animals that love to graze and are built to consume for up to 18 hours, but the modern living arrangements of equine do not allow this.

Begin Feeding with Hay

Start by identifying the kind of hay and the amount he needs, keeping in mind that he will not be allowed to graze in the pasture all day. Horses must eat a minimum of two percent of their body weight daily. A horse that weighs a thousand pounds must consume 200 pounds of hay.

Your hay must be of premium quality and it should be fresh. You can identify the freshness by smelling it as it should not have any mouldy odour. Poor quality hay has a mould that is blackish, contains too much weed and baled rubbish.

The Right Amount of Grain

Most people feed their horses grain without figuring out the right kind of grain and how much they should be fed. If you want to feed your horse grain, determine each product as they are concentrate formulated for any kind of horse from performance breeds, to broodmares and equine seniors. Select the kind that is perfect for your horse and figure out what work your horse will be doing. If you will only ride him once a week, he will not need performance grain.

Refer to the label on the grain bag to identify the amount of grain to feed him. When a horse owner skips this vital step, the horse will not have enough minerals and vitamins. Experts suggest feeding a regular sized horse with at least five pounds a day to make sure they get the right amount of nutrients.

Each horse must have a personalised diet to cater to their individual needs. The key thing to remember is to ensure they have unlimited fresh, clean water and an available salt block, especially in the summer.