The Best Ways To Speak With Your Autistic Child

Woman Teaching a ChildFor a child with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), communication can be a challenge. They may have trouble holding conversations, rely on echolalia, babble nonsensically or even not talk at all.

These symptoms could lead to parents and children having difficulty bonding with one another. Fortunately, there are speech therapy activities for autism that help parents and children learn better communication skills. Here are some things you can learn in therapy that would help you better connect with your child:

Learning To Speak By Social Interaction

Kids find it easier to learn via play. Interactive learning done through play offers children fun opportunities to communicate with parents, teachers or caregivers. Feel free to use various games that will pique your child’s curiosity. Playful therapy activities for autism include reciting nursery rhymes and singing. Place yourself near your child’s eye level as doing so makes it easier for them to hear, see and interact with you.

Learning By Using Simple Language

Kids with autism learn best if you use language that is simple and easy for them to follow. Use language that will allow your children to copy your speech. A child with autism who is non-verbal learns best if they start speaking in single words. Look at what the child is doing. For example, if they are walking, say “walk.” Follow it up by adding a word such as “walk slow.” Continue this one-up method using words or phrases your child already knows.

Remember, autism is just another way of experiencing the world. Like any other child, kids with autism have their own way of expressing themselves. It is your job as a parent to try to speak your child’s ‘language’ to better understand them. All in all, quality autistic speech therapists can go a long way in helping both you and your child. Heavy involvement in your child’s development not only helps in their growth but also allows you to build a better relationship with your child.