What to Expect with the Network+ N10-007 Certification Exam

people researching on network technologyNetwork technology is always evolving, and to remain relevant in your field, you constantly have to update your skills. This is why CompTIA updates their Network+ certification exam regularly. The Network+ N10-007 exam now covers more current networking technologies that you will need for your work as a networking professional. To help guide you when studying for the Network Plus N10-007 exam, here’s what to expect from the N10-007 exam.

The Cloud Is Where It’s At

The N10-007 certification exam covers updated questions regarding cloud computing infrastructure. Plenty of these are scenario-based, which means that when studying for the exam, you must learn cloud applications management; how devices work, where they should be placed, and appropriate security configurations. Aside from the IaaS infrastructure, you also need to familiarize yourself with SaaS applications. Particularly, managing cloud server hardware and configuring SaaS platforms for optimum performance and security.

Security is Everything

More and more IT professionals are now specializing in security because of the increasing demand for skilled IT security professionals. Although the Network+ certification won’t necessarily make you a security professional, it’s a great start. The Network+ exam covers essential security and physical measures so you need to know how to identify security attacks, basic security settings, WPA2 and WPA wireless encryption, authorization and authentication, common security attacks, and how to mitigate ongoing security attacks.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster could come in various forms, hardware failure, insider threats, natural disasters, and of course hackers. When studying for the N10-007 exam, focus on learning about key backup procedures, emergency data security, backup restoring, and disaster recovery.

Virtualization Essentials

Virtualization techniques go hand in hand with cloud computing. When studying for the certification exam, you need to learn how to configure and dedicate resources for VMs (virtual machines), manage several operating systems on a single physical machine, determine the most efficient network settings, and use basic cloud services and servers.

As you could see from above, the exam coverage of the Network+ N10-007 is pretty basic, that’s because it’s considered an entry-level IT certification. With this in mind, after you had successfully passed the N10-007 and obtained your certification, explore your options so that you can find an IT niche to specialize in.