What to Look for in a Day Care Center

kids at a day care centerWhen we leave our child in a day care center, we always want an assurance of their enjoyment and their safety. But these places of learning are now as diverse as ever, in terms of organization and care programs. Day care centers in Phoenix alone offer unique programs to parents and their kids.

That is why we need to be meticulous in choosing the right one. Below are four important aspects of a day care that a parent must carefully examine.

1. The staff

A staff that is well-trained and qualified knows their job well. We want them to have at least two years of college education, plus some qualifications or training in early childhood development and emergency management.

Also, apart from a responsible and enthusiastic demeanor, the staff must know how to manage the kids, interacting with them with the full understanding of their behavior.

2. The policies and rules

Checking out the center philosophy through their policies and regulations gives you an idea of how involved a center is with their work. Topics on things like discipline, television, feeding, and sleeping should be backed up by proper approaches and methods of learning and development.

Inquire about existing policies like a sick-child policy or open-door policy. What symptoms or illnesses should prevent a child from attending? Are visitors screened before being allowed to enter?

3. The facility

A child-friendly environment is, of course, the ideal day care center. Check if the center is clean, organized, and equipped with appropriate learning materials. Toys for toddlers, especially those with choking hazards, must never mix with toys for babies.

Parents would want a center that is well-structured, space-wise. There should be a separate room for infants, as well as separate play areas for older and younger kids.

4. The curriculum

A center must have a clear schedule for play time, quiet time, meal and snack time, and free time. Children should not play or watch TV all day. If videos and television are part of the curriculum, they should be educational and age-appropriate.

Child development efforts must be apparent with correct child psychology approaches and achievable learning objectives.

There you go; a list of the things you should look at when choosing a day care center. Remember, they will be taking care of your child, so choose wisely.