4 Moneymaking Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

a family selling their houseIn the current state of the real estate market in Orange County, where supply outstrips demand, you may think that lowering the price is the only thing you can do to sell a house fast, especially when you’re aiming for fast liquidation of your or a deceased loved one’s assets. The good news is there are other ways to boost a home’s resale value and sell it fast.

From pricing it right to hiring estate sales services in Orange County, here are some tricks on generating interest and getting the best price possible:

Be the Most Appealing Home on the Block

To attract attention, think of custom designs or additions, such as high-grade windows, landscaping or a new roof. This helps improve the home’s aesthetics, while adding value. Incorporate designs that complement the home and its other amenities, like a patio adjacent to the swimming pool.

Clean the Clutter

It’s important to remove all clutter from the home before showing it to potential buyers, so they can picture themselves in the space. This includes removing family photographs, personal belongings, and a few furniture pieces to make rooms look bigger. The best way to make better use of the property’s space is to hire a professional home stager.

Meet with an Estate Liquidator Immediately

Consult an estate liquidator as soon as possible to lower the stress of dealing with the contents of the home. This is important, as estate liquidation companies are normally booked one to three months in advance. A professional estate liquidator will guide you through the process and deal with all the tangible assets. They will evaluate each item’s value, organize and stage your valuable furniture and other belongings, promote the sale through online and offline channels, and clear out the property at the end of the sale.

Price It Right

Regardless of how well the liquidator stage your home, it’s still important to price the property appropriately. Get estate sales services, read the newspapers, and visit real estate websites to see what kind of properties buyers are going for in your area.

Selling a property in a down market requires a little work and help from a liquidation company. These tips, however, will increase the odds of getting your home sold at the best price possible.