4 Smart Tactics to Solve Your Fuel Storage Problems

Fuel tanksFuel, just like wine, can become spoilt when not stored properly. All gasoline will start to go bad after about thirty days, but there are ways you can make it last longer. Here are some of the smartest solutions.

Invest in a quality tank

If you run a gas station, it’s vital that you store fuel in the right kind of tank. It’s important that the fuel in the tank is not subject to the heating and cooling changes of the day. Underground storage tanks perform well in this regard, but you can still find an above-ground steel tank that will function just as excellently.

Keep the tank full

Where you’re using an above ground storage tank, it’s advisable that you keep it full to avoid bare tank walls where air can condense into water and dissolve into the fuel. Few things can shorten fuel’s life like water can. Once gasoline absorbs water, it will not last much longer after three months.

Use quality additives

To extend fuel’s life, invest in the right fuel additives. Typically, there are additives that need to be used during the summer and those that are added during the winter. Be sure to add these additives when the fuel is still fresh. Where you notice that there are microbes in the tank, use a product with biocide ingredients to take care of the problem.

Discard old oil

Sometimes, the best way to handle your oil storage troubles is by safely discarding old oil that has deteriorated too much to be used. Don’t attempt to rejuvenate such oil by using additives. Don’t try to dilute it by adding fresh oil to it either. The resulting mixture can damage engines.

How you store your oil will determine how long its usable life is. By putting in place a few simple strategies, you can slow down the deterioration process of the oil and hold on it much longer.